Nationality: AUSTRALIAN
Cruise Date: September 15-22 /2017

Comments: A great experience, flexible itinerary and a crew and guide always ready to help, friendly and welcoming. Thanks so much

Nationality: AUSTRALIAN
Cruise Date: September 15-22 /2017

Comments: Robert our guide the Captain and crew have all helped make this a fantastic experience- thank you! Excellent food! Will definitely recommend ANAHI!

Nationality: AUSTRALIAN
Cruise Date: September 15-22 /2017

Comments: The people made this trip great. Roberto our guide was wonderful enthusiastic an unformed. The crew was just delightful! Great!

Nationality: UK
Cruise Date: September 15-22 /2017

Comments: Lovely ship and crew! Everyone was so helpful and friendly, especially the barman, he guide and Carlos who saved my sunglasses. Thank you so much

Cruise Date: September 15-22 /2017

Comments: We had a very excellent experience on this cruise! Would recommend to have full length a thicker wetsuits available for when the water is cold. Thank

Nationality: AUSTRALIAN
Cruise Date: September 15-22/ 2017

Comments: What a wonderful 8 days guide was very knowledgeable a passionate with great personality. Crew so helpful specialty Carlos helping Colin to walk on shore. Many thanks

Name: lisa salisbury
Countries Visited: Ecuador
Approximate Date of Trip: march 31, 2017-april 8, 2017

Overall trip rating: Excellent
Overall trip comments:thrilling experience. we felt like kids. each day brought something new. we ran out of unique words to describe it. travel agent was great. Anahi crew was fantastic. and of course the Galapagos ...well pick the best adjective you can think of.

Guide Rating: Excellent
Guide Comments: Gallo was excellent. He has a perfect combination of traits. He is so enthusiastic. He is knowledgeable about the island, the geology, the people, the history, the wildlife. He is flexible. He would let us linger at specific areas that were interesting to us. We didn't feel rushed. If we wanted to spend 30 minutes sitting and watching an animal, he let us.

Excellent. This was the trip of a lifetime! The crew on the Anahi (Octavio, Adid, William, Tony, Daniel, Coco the chef, and our guide Roberto) were phenomenal and super attentive. This entire trip far surpassed our expectations. From snorkeling with sharks, sea turtles, sea lions and penguins to exploring white, black and red sand beaches and hiking volcanoes and across lava fields, we learned so much about the islands and saw how Darwin's theory of evolution manifests itself. So amazing and we are so grateful to have been able to take this trip!
Amanda Napolitano, 4 Jan - 14 Jan / 2017

Excelente equipo. El guía Roberto, el capitán y toda la tripulación muy serviciales siempre. Pero alguien que sobresalió fue ADIA, atento, servicial y siempre con la mejor disposición de ayudar y servir.
Jessica Sanchez Valdiviezo, Ecuadorian, 13 Feb - 17 Feb / 2017

We had an excellent trip.
Nico Scveut, 13 Jan 2017

Fantastic cruise. The activities were fun the food was delicious and the guide and staff were knowledgeable, fantastic and always helpful.
David Pearse, Irish, 13 Jan - 20 Jan / 2017

The trip was a perfect. Crew guide were excellent. Really enjoyed that Captain Antonio joined the group snorkeling.
Sara Lanni & Peter Mullins, Swiss / Irish, 13 Jan 2017

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